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Business Planning & Structuring

 ( Conceptualize and Plan Phase )

1.    Market and feasibility studies
*    General market assessment including demand supply analysis, pricing analysis, competition analysis
*     Define products
*    Capex estimation and high level timeline assessment
*    Financial projections and assessment of financial returns
*    Compilation of market and feasibility study reports

2.    Concept development
*    Site selection and assessment
*    Supervision of land valuation studies
*    Highest and best use assessment
*    Development concept finalization

3.    Development Planning ad Strategy
*    Initial planning for municipality approvals, procurement of consultants, contractor and other vendors, sales & marketing strategies and scheduling

4.    Opportunity Development
*    Create strategic partnerships and relationships with global base of business operators, investors and business operators, investors and vendors

5.    Business structuring
*    Analysis of alternative business model options
*    Advising client on optimal business structure
*    Resource planning on the basis of finalized business model

6.    Business plan
*    Compilation of a formal business plan document for internal (management) and external (fund raising) use
( Capitalize Phase )

7.    Feasibility & Business Plan Update
*    Review and revise (if required) market information, financial assumption relating to development concept, development costs and timelines
*    Revise financial projections and business plan (if required)