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Development Management Services

INDEX with a comprehensive approach


Develop and create a unique product that meets end user-needs

Structure the project to meet key requirements of financiers and investors

Well Managed
Manage the entire project development chain to achieve quality, on budget and on time delivery

Project Returns
Financial and Social

INDEX Development Management Services brings together the critical business and real estate expertise to create new developments which are commercially viable, attractive to the banking and investment community and well managed from concept through completion .


Development Management Services
Our delivery model can be tailored to the specific needs of each client or project – leveraging specialized expertise across all functions
1.    Conceptualize & Planning
2.    Capitalize
3.    Marketing and Sales
4.    Maintain

* Market & preliminary feasibility studies


* Site assessment


* Concept development


* Development planning & strategy


* Concept master plan


* Opportunity sourcing (e.g., operating partners)


* Business planning


* master plan


* Tender management


* Financial management

* Specialist studies & reviews


* Local authority submission and approvals


* Management of consultants


* Financial planning and strategies


* Capital structuring


* Fund raising


* Investor relationship management


* Transaction assistance


* General legal and contract administration


* Procurement of contractors

* Tender management


* Project budget and cost control


* Cash & disbursement management


* Project close-out management


* Sales & marketing strategies


* Procurement of sales & marketing agents


* Supervision of sales & marketing activities


* PR management


* Facilities management planning and systems



Development Lifecycle
As development managers, our experts work as trusted, client representatives across all stager of the project

1.    Planning
2.    Capitalize
3.    Marketing and Sales
4.    Maintain

Development Management Services is a technical advisory practice line set up to guide developments from concept stage through completion

Work with clients to:
*    Develop a concept and commercially viable business plan
*    Raise required funds
*    Manage all external consultants
*    Manage sales & marketing
*    Put in place maintenance programs